Choosing a Theme

My Portfolio will be based looking at Landscape and Travel Photography. I have chosen this topic in particular as I spent the last year in Australia for my Study Abroad year. This has allowed me to Travel Australia and New Zealand and gather a range of photographs expanding on my technical ability. I would like to further a career in this area, and I have been in contact with Thomas Cook and have asked for a digital portfolio. I plan to use this portfolio for them as well. Although I have a range of photographs already I need to keep adding to this and expanding on my ideas, and by being creative making my photographs stand out.

These are some of my photographs that I have taken in Australia than I plan to include into a section within my portfolio. Untitled1 IMG_9413 IMG_0001 IMG_1175new

Here are a couple more photographs that I have taken whilst in New Zealand that I would like to include. IMG_3571IMG_2304 IMG_4368

Through these photographs I show different areas from mountain landscapes to cityscapes. I have also included some animal photographs and I plan to take some portraits to help expand on this idea of tourism. To continue with this I am going to expand and photograph some scenes in England experimenting with more techniques and trying to capture more slow shutter speed photographs.

As I have chosen Travel and Landscapes as my chosen theme there are different ways that I could display my work, as I want to focus my work towards the Graphic Design direction, I feel my work could benefit by being shown through a layout design as a book or a magazine. These could include descriptions and a bit more about the places like you would see in a brochure. Another direction for this is to display more as a gallery having a clean minimalistic pages showing the photographs more as you would see them on the walls. I will look further into both ideas and see what would be best. The designs could vary from my online and physical portfolio.




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