New Project, New Blog

I’ve decided to start a new blog to focus on behind the scene production of my Portfolio. This includes researching websites and looking at articles that will help me decide on what the best factor will be and what is the cheapest and most efficient way of making my work known to the public. I will look into different hosting websites and see how they compare to each other, along with getting feedback from other photographers who have websites to see how they get on with different companies. I will also need to think about domains to allow my website to be seen as a professional site. Following on with my website portfolio I also need to create a physical portfolio, one that is printed and can be displayed to potential clients. By looking at different ways to present my work and how they best fit with the genre I am going to display. Some areas that I will look into is:

  • How to display my portfolio
  • Sequencing my Portfolio
  • How many photographs to include
  • Best printing technique
  • What makes a portfolio stand out?
  • Hosting and Domain Sites

By looking at these specific areas I hope to develop a better understanding of how I want my portfolio to be seen and allow it to reach it’s full potential.


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