Brochure Ideas

I have began looking at ideas for brochures that I could make to accompany my portfolio, I would like to choose either one location to focus the brochure on or I would like to make it a mixture of places with different locations included telling you more about the country than a specific area. This is something that I will think about when I start creating mock ups and adding a layout to the brochure and when I have carefully considered what style I would like to go with. I have thought about producing a smaller booklet slightly cheaper to make or creating a three fold leaflet more used for attraction. These were some ideas that I found on the web:1ed6f7a5c949bd681789bd3312c3f618 astray-brochure-pocket-cards

This example is of a more luxurious travel brochure, the simply design stands out and it looks great and informative it also has a sleeve with coloured cards with individual places to visit on all in different countries. This really stands out being more unique, however this would be more cost effective due to having to be printed as a template design and stuck together afterwards. Although this is a great way to add to the brochure if you make new or want to update certain places. I really feel this works and I would like to consider more ideas like this when thinking of a concept.

African-Safari-Brochure-Template  travel-brochure-design-templates-215

These designs really stood out to me more as a graphic booklet, by changing the colours of the photographs to match the book design could really work, and having writing over the top although not to much it needs to readable. The format of using squares looks interesting and the layout above also changes the shape of the photograph so it fits in with this graphic design piece. I want to create some thing similar to these to show how I have combined my photography skills with my graphic design.

brochure Italy-Travel-Brochure-Template NYPL

This was a leaflet I found focussed more on New York on one specific location, it doesn’t use much photography but this can be adapted into the design element, I wanted to show an idea of how much information and imagery other have used.


This design mainly stood out to me because of the logo above with the airplane, I could adapt this or expand more in my own design. It was just a small detail that stood out to me.

These all show different ideas of what I could do, I have been looking at different places that I can print leaflets at. Although this still needs more research.

I found this article in a design magazine that gives you some pointers on what to consider when designing your own brochures. Some things to keep in kind:

  • Knowing your Audience
  • Complete, Accurate and Thorough Information
  • Determine where your brochure functions in the buying process
  • Keeping Paragraphs small so you don’t scare off the audience
  • The Cover needs to be appealing and attract your audience
  • Use high quality images that are relevant to your idea
  • Provide Contact Details

Throughout this article they also include different examples of brochures for many other products so you can get an overall perspective. Some use 3 column or some are just folded into a book style. These are more simplistic and stick to a cheaper funding. However, to show some unique style to add to my product it might be nice to think outside of the box, considering that it will be designed for a luxury company they have more money to spend on this type of thing. I will consider some ideas and draw sketches to see what could work the best.


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