Brochure Mock Up Ideas & Feedback

I began experimenting with different layouts for my brochure ideas. I wanted to design a brochure to show my photographs off in a travel brochure way, Considering the place of travel, highlights and aim this more towards one country. These were some starting ideas of the brochure idea that still need some work.Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 11.32.53 Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 11.33.05 Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 11.33.16

These are a couple of different layouts for inside the brochure, I drew the map of Australia through Indesign, I need to experiment more with colours but I wanted to keep pastel and calm colours. I wanted to show there locations around Australia and the highlights that were available. This was more about advertising the place.

Feedback from tutor:

Last week after showing my ideas to my tutor I gained some feedback. He recommended that I focus the brochure more onto one area, does this want to be my ability to advertise a country or holiday spot or does it want to be more focussed on my photography, telling the client about myself and keeping it more towards my photography skills still by presenting in a graphic format. He felt that I needed to incorporate my photography and design together showing how I can relate them to each other instead of having a nicely design brochure with nice photography, I could pick parts of the photograph and create these into the layout. One of his recommendation was to think about New York and Typography and how I could photograph signs and then include this into the layouts. Expanding outside of the photography box.

My tutor also suggested trying to focus more on the physical portfolio, at the end of the day the brochure is only 5% whereas my physical portfolio is 35% he suggested looking more at the layouts and how I could combine these into interesting layouts, experiment more and consider a design element to be used throughout this. Also bringing to my attention the sequencing of my photographs I have chosen they don’t all work together and I need to choose photographs that work and think about how I could adapt a layout using these. There was suggestions about what type to include, perhaps naming the locations in the photograph, or perhaps writing text about myself and past experience and combining a resume design into the book. By adding a Contents page and Introduction this would help the client understand what they are going to be looking at.

This feedback has proven useful for my brochure idea along with my portfolio, I plan to work more on my portfolio and leave the brochure until later on making small adjustments as I go. Firstly my intentions are to gather all my photographs I plan to use so that I can try to sequence them more efficiently.


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