I have been progressing my layouts for my portfolio but one of my main issues is when it comes to deciding on what sort of typography I want to use. This very important relating this to my layouts and theme but also making sure it is readable and suits the branding of my portfolio. To help me with this I have been to the library and picked up some books that I hope will give me some insight on new typefaces.10990888_10153083844683967_4793982186628289285_n

The books that I am going to look at further are:

  • How to use Type by Lindsay Marshall & Lester Meachem
  • Type Style Finder by Timothy Samara
  • Making digital type look good by Bob Gordon

These are some types that I have previously looked at that I have considered using in my portfolio. For my contents page I have used Aleo, this is a modern serif font and it works as a bold title and looks good also as a smaller type. However I may alter this font and choose two fonts that work well together and compliment these and make sure these occur throughout the entire portfolio, Keeping the design modern and simple.

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 17.51.00

Another font that I have used is called Langdon, I have used this as my title for each of the sections, shown below. This is a bold and contemporary typeface, I’m not 100% on if this works for the style or ‘speaks’ Australia but I will look and compare to different types that I may find in the books I have taken out.

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 17.51.10

Thirdly another font that I have used as bulk of my writing is called Simplifica, This typeface really stands out to me, it suits really well and it works with the style. However the scaling of the type is very close together and looks very lonsgingated, Im going to look further into the best way to do this or if i can find a different type with a similar style. Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 18.00.00

I still have a lot to learn about typography and I want to widen my options by looking at other typefaces that are available and how they could be interrupted.


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