This week I had my second Portfolio Review, in this time I got to speak about how my website and printed portfolio were coming along. Firstly we spent time talking about my Website. I got some very positive feedback on the template that I have chosen and how this works really well with the genre of travel and landscape photography as this is full page and gives the viewer immediate impact when they open my site. I then categorised my images into groups making them relevant to the places that I have been. These are very clear and the scroll allows you to work through the images, there was some recommendations at looking into the order more and making sure they compliment each other. My lecturer also liked having the wildlife section apart from the rest as this creates its own genre but relates with travel.
We then moved on to the About page, there were some mixed feelings about this one, as previously I have been told not to put my phone number onto the site. However, I was then told different as this can be important if they don’t get a response it will come as a first come first served basis so this could mean missing out on some jobs. It was also recommended to add a where I am based to make this easier for clients to know where I am. My about me information needed more of a personal touch so the client can understand more about me and it didn’t need to be so much in list formation. There was suggestions about adding a personal touch to the page, something that relates to me. I had this idea of listing places that I have been and I wanted to include a map of the places that I have already been to.

After making these suggestions I have gone home and made a few amendments, this was the outcome I have at the moment:Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 16.57.55

We also had a little chat about my printed portfolio although we ran out of time to go through this thoroughly, but there was suggestions made that I should not create a book for my portfolio as this will become outdated very fast and it will cost more when it needs updating. I understand this is the case and probably would not work for long term but I feel for now I find it interesting creating the book layouts and this adds to my portfolio as well as just the photographs I am displaying so for now I feel this option will work better for me. It also gives me more insight to looking at the graphic design. I have received two different lots of feedback for this, one saying they like the graphic design elements whereas the other feels the graphics detracts from my imagery. So i’m a little uncertain with what area to progress in.

We also spoke a bit more about what I could do after I gradate in this field. Most of this consisted talking about Inflight magazines and how they often use city profiles, they incorporate more portraits and food, these could all be added to my online portfolio. My lecturer suggested looking at John Brown Publishing they often are involved with inflight magazines for Virgin and British Airways. There are many different outlines out there it might be worth trying to get details and calling people to understand more about how they gather their photography for the magazines. Doing some research on holiday brochures and others aspects could also widen my horizons.


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