New York Trip

The last week has been a busy one to say the least. Last Week I spent my time in New York City this has been one of my dreams for as long as I can remember and I can officially tick this of my to do list. However, I will be going back there just wasn’t enough time to get everything I wanted to done. Whilst there I managed to gather a range of Landscape and Travel  images I wanted to use in my portfolio. I took a variation of day and night to make sure I got the photographs I wanted. After flicking through around 1000 images these were a selection of images that were my favourite, I am still in the editing stage. I need to go through and link these together to see which will work best on a page together well. IMG_4589 IMG_4561 IMG_4236 IMG_4521 IMG_4501 IMG_3699 IMG_3634 IMG_3995 IMG_4080 IMG_3578 IMG_3874 IMG_3968 IMG_4108-2 IMG_3681 IMG_3627 IMG_4309 IMG_4215 IMG_3977 IMG_3969 IMG_4027

These are a range of my edited photographs from the trip I just need to consider them in layouts for to go with the rest of my portfolio.


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